Third-Party Fundraising FAQ

We would like to know when our community partners are promoting awareness of our Shelter and its services so that we can help promote the event. Also, like other organizations interested in preserving their “brand,” we too want to ensure that events complement our mission and public image. Lastly, our staff may be able to provide some additional guidance to help ensure your event is a success.

Once your event proposal is approved, we will provide a link to our marketing style guide. You also may contact Merritt Royal, development director, at to request the logo.

Only gifts that are made directly to the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter are eligible for charitable tax deductions, according to IRS and state tax regulations. If you are soliciting gifts for your event, we recommend you not use the word “donation” as it implies they are tax deductible.

As an alternative, you may ask for “support” of your event, with net proceeds to be directed to the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter.

While we greatly appreciate the work of our partners who want to plan fundraising events and donation drives, we regret we cannot help with solicitations. We simply do not have the staff resources, given we also are managing our own event planning and fundraising efforts.

Contact Development Director Merritt Royal for more information: 479-246-0353, ext. 140.

Please fill out our proposal form (below) and submit it to us as soon as possible before your event. We recognize the need to be timely in responding to our community partners. Our process for review/approval is internal. We anticipate you will have a response in less than three business days.

3rd Party Proposal Form

Please feel free to reach out to us directly:

John McGee, Executive Director, 479-246-0353, ext. 101,
Merritt Royal, Development Director, 479-246-0353, ext. 140,