Donor Spotlight: Wal-Mart Store Layout

Thank you, Wal-Mart Store Layout!


Representatives from the Wal-Mart Store Layout Division presented the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter with a large donation at their quarterly meeting thanks to their E-VAP program. This group has volunteered countless hours with us over the past year, and they cashed in on their activities in order to provide a financial gift as well.

The gift covers the cost for a family unit consisting of one adult and two children (our average family size) to live in our facility for an entire month and also provides 10 days of safe shelter for another individual.

Gifts such as this allow us to house individuals at no charge and provide all of their needs–toiletries, clothing, room, and board–while they stay in our facility. If you would like to join our community of supporters by making a financial gift, you may click here to learn more about donation options or call 479-246-0353 for more information.

If you are a Wal-Mart associate interested in volunteering, please also consider using the VAP program for a financial match to your time contribution. For more information on how the VAP program works, click here. You may contact Sheri Hammond for more information about volunteering or to arrange a project for yourself or a group by emailing her at

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