Client Art – Camo

Client Piece: Camo

Meagan’s Story:

Meagan (age 32) was married to her abuser for 8 years. Her husband would hit her where the bruises would not be easily seen by others, such as her head and ribs.  He would tell her that no one else would ever want her, and he often threatened to kill her. Meagan was terrified to leave. Meagan had a long time friend who cared for her very much, and her friend told her that her abuser’s rage had escalated too much for him to ever change, and that it was not safe for her and her children. Meagan and her children were able to safely leave her abuser and they sought support through our outreach program.

About Meagan’s Piece, Camo:

Meagan felt like she had to hide so she didn’t stand out.

Size: 11″ x 14″

Support fresh starts and purchase this art piece for a suggested donation of $20. 

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