Client Art – Cave

Client Piece: Cave

Tommy’s Story:

Tommy came to shelter with his brother and mother. They had been living with a longtime friend of Tommy’s mother after Tommy’s grandmother had passed away. The friend began abusing Tommy’s mother as well as making threats towards Tommy and Tommy’s brother. After a violent incident in which the abuser had been drinking, Tommy’s mother was physically abused in front of him and his brother. The small family fled and Tommy’s mother wasn’t sure where to turn. The first night, they slept in their family car. The next day, Tommy’s mother called our hotline and spoke with an advocate. They were provided safe shelter and during their stay, Tommy’s mother successfully secured a safe and permanent home for the family.

About Tommy’s Piece, Cave:

Tommy painted a cave. Tommy’s family often struggled financially and they were not able to take a family vacation like those that he sometimes heard about from his class mates in school. After leaving her abuser, Tommy’s mom was able to take the family camping at Devil’s Den State Park. Tommy saw a cave for the first time, and he loves them! He can’t wait to go on another vacation to explore and discover more exciting things.

Size: 14″ x 18″

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