Client Art – Overcoming Obstacles

Client Piece: Overcoming Obstacles

Lisa’s Story:

When Lisa (age 47) first joined our outreach support group, she was very quiet and spent a lot of time listening to other survivors in the group. As time went on, Lisa grew more confident, and she is now comfortable sharing her personal journey with others. Lisa was married to her abusive, alcoholic husband for 20 years. He hit her and berated her almost every day. One day, her abuser turned violent towards their teenage son and threatened his life with a gun. Lisa had lived with the abuse when it was directed towards her, but she did not want her son to experience the physical violence that she had. Lisa’s coworker and friend referred her to our organization and Lisa was able to safely leave her abuser.

About Lisa’s Piece, Overcoming Obstacles:

Lisa painted shapes to represent obstacles in her life. Her painting is a reminder that she is strong and that she has conquered difficult trials on her journey towards a life free of violence.

Size: 11″ x 14″

Support fresh starts and purchase this art piece for a suggested donation of $20. 

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