Highlight #9-Volunteers Are the Lifeblood of Our Organization

(Above: photos from the shelter, Thrift Store, and special events featuring 2015 volunteers)

We say it often: we cannot survive without our community partners and donors.

And while donors keep the bills paid and community partners keep our pantries full, we absolutely could not exist without our volunteers. From groups who remodel or plan events, to individuals who tirelessly work the cash register at the Thrift Store or answer the phones, we need you and love you!

2015 saw huge numbers in volunteering—we had 480 volunteers contribute 9090 hours. Wow! To break that down even farther, we saved $194,162 by having volunteers perform specific tasks so our staff could focus on other efforts![1]

Each of our volunteers means the world to us. Their commitment to show up and diligence in their work allow NWAWS to achieve more than we ever could by relying solely on staff. A diverse volunteer base also brings in new ideas. We can credit many solutions to the creative minds of our volunteers.

Need semi-regular pick-ups of large loads of donated goods? We have a volunteer for that. Need a skilled person to cover the hotline and shelter while our advocates are in a meeting? We have a volunteer for that, too.

It seems like anytime a need arises, we have someone who is willing to step in and help share the burden. So volunteers and interns, we say more than thank you for your efforts this past year.

Thank you for your on-going assistance and the help that you will offer in the future.

No matter how far you may be removed from the clients we serve, your assistance means we can continue our work to ending the cycle of violence for families in our community. For that, we all owe you our eternal gratitude.


Check out our post after our Volunteer Banquet to learn more about a few of the outstanding people who work with us.

It truly takes an entire village to raise families out of distress and into violence-free lives. Will you consider joining us today? The ways to get involved are endless. Please check out our volunteer opportunities here or email Sheri for more information: shammond@nwaws.org.


[1]Value of volunteer hours is calculated at $21.36/hour based on numbers approved by the Arkansas Department of Human Services