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Donating to the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter will transform not only the lives of victims of violence right here in your community, it will also transform your life.

Becoming a donor gives you a direct role in building a more peaceful community. You will receive insider information about the NWA Women’s Shelter and updates on how the shelter has served the community and, most importantly, you will learn and understand what your donation has accomplished. We are committed to transparency and accountability to our donors.

Your donations are vital to us. We rely on financial gifts from the community to support our services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

$10 provides supplies for art projects used to help children process the abuse and violence they have experienced firsthand or witnessed and to help them learn how to form healthy family and peer relationships
$10 for 1 crisis call offering support, options, and safety for a victim of domestic violence or a family member
$25 for 5 thumb drives so clients can keep their résumés, job applications, school assignments, and important documents on one device that they can use later
$30 provides a survivor of domestic violence with a gasoline card to get to or from a job or school as he or she works to become economically independent of his or her abuser
$35 for 1 class session taught to high school students on healthy relationships
$75 for 1 month’s cleaning supplies to keep our shelter clean and hygenic
$100 for 1 week of groceries for shelter and outreach families
$100 provides one month of fuel for our shelter vehicles – allowing us to take clients to job interviews, court appointments, and special outings, as well as allowing Shelter staff and volunteers to pick up groceries and donations
$600 for 1 month’s security system to ensure safety for residents

Please consider making a commitment to support us by signing up for a recurring gift. Your monthly gift will provide us with financial stability so that we can focus our efforts on providing better services as we seek to empower our clients to live independently of abuse.

Alternatively, you can mail your donation to:

NWA Women’s Shelter, P.O. Box 1059, Rogers, AR 72757.

Anything you can give is appreciated!

We are eager to welcome you to our donor community.  Join us today!