We Love Our Volunteers!
NWA Women’s Shelter Volunteer¬†Application Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! We have volunteer opportunities that fit schedules of all shapes and sizes.

To apply:

  • Complete the application form below.
  • Complete and return these background check forms. Your application is not complete until this form is returned and processed.

Background checks are required for all volunteers. Please download, complete and return the Background Check Forms and note that the form will need to be notarized. Your bank can typically provide this service to you at no cost.

Completed background checks may be returned to Megan Koontz at mkoontz@nwaws.org to complete the application process.


Q: I am applying for school or community service hours. Can I volunteer in-shelter?

A: In-shelter volunteers require extensive training and are best suited for longer term volunteers. If you are applying to volunteer short term for a school program, volunteering at our thrift store is the fit for you! To apply to volunteer at our thrift store, follow the application process outlined above and select “Thrift Store” rather than “In-Shelter” on your application.

Q: What may restrict me from volunteering in-shelter?

A: Prior legal offenses in relation to domestic abuse or assault, prior legal offenses in relation to theft, etc. 

Q: I am a previous client of NWAWS or I have recent experiences with domestic violence. Can I volunteer?

A: If you are a former client, our policy states that there is a six month waiting period between receiving services as an active in-shelter and/or outreach client and beginning service as a volunteer. If you have a recent experience with domestic violence, you are welcome to apply but please keep your mental health and personal wellness in mind! There may be situations in-shelter that are triggering for survivors and we want you to be in a good place with your own journey towards healing.