Get Help

Get Help

If you are currently or have ever experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse, we are here to help and serve you.

If you are currently experiencing abuse and are seeking shelter, legal support, counseling, and other services, please call our hotline at 479-246-9999.

If you have experienced abuse or violence in the past and are still in a legal battle and need assistance, would like to join a support group, or want to find other resources, please call our office number at 479-246-0353.

We Believe You

For anyone who has experienced any form of domestic violence or sexual abuse, we believe you.

For anyone who has been told that your value is dependent on your purity, we reject that. Your value is dependent on you existing, we are glad that you are here.

For anyone who has been told that the abuse they experienced was not abuse because it did not manifest itself with a bruise, we recognize you are valid and abuse takes many forms.

For anyone who is a survivor and is not ready to speak up yet, we see you. You are still here, you are still strong, you are still a survivor. We are looking forward to hearing about how you overcame adversity whenever you are ready.

No Documentation Required

We do not require documentation of any sort for you to qualify for our services. We recognize that abusers often take away, hide, or even destroy important documents to maintain power and control in a relationship.

Regardless of your ability to provide any type of government documents or not, we are here to provide services.

Please, do not let documentation concerns stop you from reaching out if you are in need of our help. We are here for everyone.