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The work we do helps transform individuals’ stories from fear to freedom. It allows our clients to re-envision a life for themselves, set goals, and partner with us to break free from abuse.

Often, when clients first come to us, they are only able to see themselves as a victim. We know they are much more than that—they have a complex identity and story. We help them realize their potential and worth, making them feel safe, seen, home, and human. You can be a part of this through a recurring or one-time financial gift. You can also donate in the form of a Memorial Fund honoring someone you have lost or a Tribute Donation in honor of someone who inspires you.

Push for Change

Stay up to date on any bills that might affect survivors of abuse in Arkansas, and use your voice to make sure survivors are being protected and cared for.

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Are you a baker? An artist? A singer? A writer? Get creative and use whatever talents, influence, and following you have to host a fundraiser for our organization.

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