Education Initiatives

Preventative Education in Schools

Community Education is a key element of our programs with the ultimate goal of improving our community’s response to domestic and dating violence. In addition, we want to make sure everyone who experiences domestic violence knows where to find help. We do this by engaging the following audiences:

  • Junior High & High School students through preventative education
  • Law Enforcement and courthouse personnel
  • Hairstylists and salon professionals
  • The faith community
  • Human Resources representatives
  • Other community groups and clubs


According to LoveIsRespect, “One in three adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner,” which is why we believe in the importance of supporting and educating our young people.

Our presentations help students understand how to recognize the signs of healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behaviors in a relationship and the importance of reporting abuse. Each year we serve over 1,000 students with information about healthy relationships and dating violence.

Additionally, our counselor has partnered with local elementary schools to facilitate a program called Safe Zones in numerous elementary and middle schools in Northwest Arkansas. This is a school-based trauma support group focused on building resiliency and coping skills for children who have experienced any form of trauma. Safe Zones also helps give students talking points to help start healing discussion at home.


What Students and Parents are Saying

High School Students

“I feel that it was extremely beneficial for high school students to be having these discussions because whether or not you ever go through them it helps to know the signs and what it looks like so if you ever need to help someone else you have that ability.”

“I found it interesting that both males and females experienced the abuse, but males didn’t report it as frequently. I definitely enjoyed her coming!”

“This presentation gave me a lot of information on red flags I never saw in my past relationships until now. I know what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like.”

“I learned a lot about boundaries”

“This session helps me pick out possibly abusive outcomes to get out of. It took me a year to get out of an abusive relationship, so now I know what I’m looking for.”

“I know more about emotional abuse, and controlling.”

“Loved this presentation. Thank you! <3”


Safe Zones

“[My daughter] loves your group time, thanks for being such a great support.”

“I appreciate what you are doing. [My son] seems to be happy with the sessions. I think it has helped him knowing that he’s not alone. He has come home with a weight seemingly being lifted. We simply want him to come out of all this as whole and complete as he possibly can.”

Law Enforcement Education

Along with education for students, we also help educate law enforcement officers on how they can best serve those who have experienced abuse.

In training sessions with law enforcement, we cover a variety of topics, including our services and how law enforcement officers can utilize the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter as a resource. Also, we talk about how to interact with survivors of domestic violence when responding to domestic violence emergency calls, and we educate them on laws in Arkansas that affect survivors.

We always focus on and reinforce a victim-centered mindset when training law enforcement officers and all others we educate because it helps them relate better with an individual who they are working with and better understand the often complicated dynamics at play.

To learn more about any of these education initiatives or to have a representative from the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter come speak to your team, your colleagues, or at your school, email