Thrift Shop

The NWAWS Thrift Store

Our thrift store is a multi-purpose facility that benefits both our clients and the community. Each client that stays in our shelter is eligible for a voucher to our store. Clients sometimes flee abuse in a hurry because of life-threatening situations. Through our store, clients can pick out items that fit their style and body type, and for some, this may be the first opportunity they have had in years to choose their own clothes. The NWAWS Thrift Store is also a way we can continue to give back to the Northwest Arkansas community through providing high-quality, gently loved clothes, shoes, accessories, books, home décor, appliances, toys, and more. We consistently have name brand items in our store for a fraction of their original cost.

The NWAWS Thrift Store

“I find wonderful treasures every time I go in since the inventory is always changing. The staff is friendly and helpful. The store is clean and organized. What a wonderful place to shop and knowing the money I spend is helping women and children warms my heart. It is so hard for women to leave an abusive relationship. Sometimes they only escape with what they have on and their children. The women and children are so brave and need shelter, help to start over, and love! Much love to you all! Thanks for what you do!” ~Teresa, NWAWS Thrift Store customer

100 percent of the proceeds from the NWAWS Thrift Store are poured back into our programs. In the past five years, we have given clients over $40,000 of merchandise from our thrift store through our voucher program.

Do the Most Good

We rely heavily on community members donating items they no longer want or need to our store, which is a simple yet impactful way to give back. Also, we make sure the items you donate are not wasted and have partnered with a small, local company that is able to take items we are unable to sell due to damage or quality standards. They re-purpose these items and use them to assist with disaster relief in third-world countries. Follow our store at @nwawsthriftstore to stay up to date on special deals, promotions, and competitions we have going on at our store!