Therapeutic Services

Residential Therapeutic Services

Every client at the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter can receive free individual therapeutic services so that the client can begin to understand, resolve, and heal from trauma they have experienced, specifically domestic violence related trauma.

Individual Therapeutic Services

  • A licensed social worker will assist clients with setting goals, case management, and crisis stabilization during these sessions
  • Sessions are available Tuesday-Thursday, and the hours available for sessions vary. Please email to learn more.

Support Group

The NWAWS also offers support group as a free resource to heal from trauma.

  • Support group takes place once a week. Please reach out to to learn about exact time and place of these sessions.
  • Free onsite child care will be offered for clients attending group or signed up for a time to meet one-on-one with the social worker. Child care is limited and offered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • During support group, clients learn skills to help them cope with past experiences while building healthy relationships and a community with other clients.
  • Support group allows survivors to have a confidential setting to connect with other survivors who have experienced domestic violence.
  • Topics include: compassion, commitment, setting boundaries in relationships, honesty, coping with triggers, and healing from anger.

Outreach Therapeutic Services

You do not have to stay in our shelter to receive access to our therapeutic services. Outreach clients are also eligible to receive both individual and support group therapeutic services through The Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter. For more information about adult or children’s outreach services, please email or call 479-246-0353.

Safe Zones

The Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter is fortunate to have a special program for students who have experienced stressful events that have impacted their life.  Students that have a background with trauma as either victims or witnesses can suffer from various issues, showing up in the form of rebellion, isolation, physical ailments, emotional regulation, or difficulty completing work.  Rogers Public Schools is partnering with NWAWS to provide therapeutic services to students at the school in a group called Safe Zones.   

Safe Zones is a 10 week curriculum designed to teach students coping skills and resiliency to better manage stressful events.  Some of the skills presented are feelings identification, relaxation exercises, problem solving, and social norms.  The counselor and/or teachers refer students to program and a licensed social worker certified to facilitate the program will screen students after parents give permission for child to participate in screening process. 

If you are a teacher, principle, or parent who would like to request more information about Safe Zones, please reach out to, and we will connect you with our licensed social worker. Please call: 479-246-0353 for more information