July 3rd Party Drive Updates


When our new friends at Handworks learned that our shelter was at full capacity and running out of toilet paper, they decided to kick off their NWAWS partnership with a toilet paper drive. Donors who dropped of toilet paper to the Handworks Bentonville store received a special gift – a free candle. NWAWS received three car loads of toilet paper thanks to this donation drive! Handworks will continue to partner with NWAWS and host donation drives with a special incentive for donors, so stay tuned for more from this gift store that gives back.

(P.S. If you drop off a donation of bath towels, paper towels or disinfectant spray to Handworks in Bentonville you can receive a free summer votive.)

Church Friends

We are grateful to receive support from many church partners and there are two who went above and beyond and involved kids last month: First United Methodist Church-Downtown Bentonville and NW Kids (NW Assembly).

First United Methodist Church-Downtown Bentonville featured the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter as one of their partners for the week of Mighty Missions Vacation Bible School in mid-July. Amber Lacewell, our Director of Community Outreach & Education, was a visiting “Hero” and shared the NWAWS mission with the children as well as how they can support other kids who might have to stay in our shelter. Throughout the week, the FUMC kids collected backpacks and school supplies and assembled them for the kids in shelter. By the end of the week, they filled up a car with all of the school supplies! To learn more about this activity, check out the FUMC|Downtown Bentonville blog.

The Kids at NW Assembly focused on making a difference all summer long and NWAWS had the privilege of being one of the last partners. We spoke at Wednesday Night Live, ate nwaws-make-a-difference-nw-kidspizza, and had the kids assemble backpacks with school supplies they had collected all summer. When the night was over, they sent us back to shelter with 50 backpacks ready for our kids! The NW Kids were so enthralled when we shared about the shelter and showed them pictures of the rooms–they especially loved that we have a teen room  designed just for kids like them and a computer lab for everyone! The kids were so inquisitive, we probably could have stayed all night answering their questions.

Brighton Hand Bag Trade-In

We received nearly 100 well-loved and gently used handbags from Brighton Collectible’s Handbag Trade-In event. Some of the bags went to our Thrift Store to be purchased by customers or clients shopping on our voucher system. Seventeen brand-name bags in excellent condition will be auctioned off online for an online Labor Day Sale. Stay tuned for more information and to snag a gently used bag at a fantastic price. Thanks to all who donated their bags at this event!


It is so fun and encouraging watching others in the community-especially kids-rally behind the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter. We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to on-going partnerships!


We would love to come speak to your group, please reach out to Amber Lacewell: alacewell@nwaws.org.

Have an idea for a 3rd Party initiative? Please connect with us or visit our Support Our Shelter page.